Best Way to avoid YouTube Ads

Best way to avoid youtube adsThanks for such great response to the video. If you haven’t watched it yet, Checkout below.

The App and method both have been updated.
Follow steps below for easy Updating and Ad-free youtube life.

When Youtube Vanced updated from v14.21.54 to latest v15.05.54, it was released in .apks format (split apk) format instead of traditional .apk format which even Google was getting away with, people faced tons of issues due it being way harder to install. Installing microG apk, then vanced via SAI (Split APK Installer) was cumbersome.

After tons of hardwork, Vanced team created an All-in-one Vanced Manager app of just 2 MB size that can easily install and uninstall vanced and microg and also having various settings for customisation and better experience. It comes with an easy-to-use interface, background download support and installation.

Best way to avoid youtube ads

Download Vanced ManagerAlternate Download LinkDownload Ymusic

If you have MIUI, First Deactivate MIUI optimization in Developer Options and then follow steps given below. (Caution: This can delete all permissions for apps).
  1. Install microG (Only needed If you wish to login into your Youtube account). After you have installed microG, Download Vanced option will be enabled.
  2. Download Vanced. It will show option of Theme (Dark/Black), select whichever you like and it will download and install.
  3. Once installed.
  4. Now, we will make one more change in settings to open all youtube links in Vanced app instead of youtube app.
    Go to App settings > Youtube App >  Open by default > Open the supported links and Select “Don’t open in this app”. In Vanced, select “Open in this app”. You may now disable Youtube app (if it’s showing an option to disable it).
Voila! Your setup is done.
Use app to best, explore more features or get back here if you are facing any issues.

Vanced FAQ guide:

Is Vanced App safe to use?
The App is listed on XDA and has Official support on Telegram . Kindly checkout below and use it at discretion.


How to remove Google account from MicroG, and therefore Vanced?
If you're encountering an error trying to log into the vanced app or if you're having issues with connecting, this might prove to be helpful.
Go to System Settings > Accounts > Select Google(with a blue G logo) > Click "remove account".
Will the app auto update / Is an update to the app coming ?
Vanced Manager will show whenever MicroG and Vanced update are available. Devs keep working behind the scenes, but issues with the base YouTube app + the developers have lives, so development is slow going. So, It will come when it comes :)
Showing Ads on home page, search results and underneath videos
It’s a Known issue. YouTube serves these ads depending on region, so these ads won't show up for everyone. Because of this, the devs first need to receive the ad. Then they need to find time to research how to block said ads. Only then will they be able to actually hide it.
Enable MIUI PiP (Picture-in Picture mode)?
Go to Additional settings > privacy > Enable “Picture-in-picture” mode.

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