[No VOLTE Network] 100% Tested & Working Solution for Custom ROMS [All Redmi Devices]

Hey Friends, lately you might have come across the issue of not getting Jio VOLTE network on Custom ROMS you might be flashing on XIOMI REDMI 2 even when the rom says it supports VOLTE. Even, I faced this issue with not one but 17 stable custom ROMS that I tried flashing on my REDMI 2.

I simply couldn't understand why was I facing this issue when I was following steps as mentioned on the Original post over XDA. Even tried using various apn settings, flashing VOLTE patch but to no success.

Later on, I tried luck with another method which successfully gave me results across all roms. I mean all 17 roms, not one rom had VOLTE issue later after this trick. So let's get started.

This you will need for this trick:

1. Extract MIUI Fastboot rom to a folder in C Drive.
Important: Keep Folder name  without spaces. E,g C:/thebloggerorg/MIUI

The Extracted MIUI Rom folder should Contain the files, something like this.

2. Run MiFlash application.

3. Click on browse and Select ROM folder from C Drive
Important: The path of the ROM folder Should be like "C:\thebloggerorg\MIUI" Not " C:\thebloggerorg\MIUI\images"

4. Switch the phone in Fastboot mode (Turn off the phone, press and hold the Volume Down key + the Power button at the same time to enter Fastboot mode), and connect the phone to a computer via USB cable.

5. Press the Refresh button to see your connected device in the flashing tool.

6. Select your connect device and select "clean_all" option from the bottom right of the tool and Click on Flash and it will start the process.

7. Once the flashing process completes, the Device will automatically reboot. A reboot might take up to 5-10 minutes.

8. Run the device for the first time simply with MIUI ROM.


1. Connect Your Redmi 2 to computer switched on.
2. Enable USB Debugging option from Developer tools. (First tap on MIUI Version in About Phone Settings. And then Go back to Settings, then Additional Settings and then, Enable USB Debugging.)

3. Open ADB Folder. Press the shift key and right click on the mouse and select Open Command Window here.

4. Run this command : 
fastboot boot twrp-3.2.X-0-wt88047.img
(Replace X with the version of the TWRP file you downloaded)
5. The phone will reboot into twrp mode. Connect USB Drive having custom rom to the phone using OTG cable.
6. Go to Wipe settings. Select Advanced Wipe. Tick Dalvik/ART Cache, system, Data, Internal Storage and cache from Select Partitions to Wipe menu. Now Swipe Right to wipe.

7. It will wipe all selected partitions. Once wiping is done. Click on the Back button. After that go back using soft keys. Click on Install Button, then Select Storage button and from there select USB-OTG option from that.

8. Select your custom rom and suitable opengapps and Swipe to confirm flash. The process will complete in a few minutes.

9. After process completion, click on Wipe cache/dalvik and then, Swipe to wipe. Finally Click on Reboot system. The system will startup. Configure device as per first startup.

Voila !! We finally have volte on our phone. 

Share this article with others if it worked for you and if you are facing any issues, comment below. Visit our Youtube channel for more such interesting and helping tech and android videos. Thanks for visiting.

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